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Kerala Ayurveda Branches

Kaya Chikitsa: The Ayurvedicequivalent to general medicine, this branch deals with the routine diseases that are likely to affect human beings, and their treatment.

Bala Chikitsa: This branch, equivalentto pediatrics, deals with prenatal and postnatal baby care as well as the care of a woman before and during pregnancy. It also covers various diseases of children and their treatment.

Graha Chikitsa: This Ayurvedic branchis the same as Psychiatry in modern medicine. It focuses on the detection and effective treatment of mental disorders. It also treats psychosomatic disorders.

Salakya Chikitsa: Corresponding tothe E.N.T. field of modern medicine, this branch of Ayurveda diagnoses and treats diseases affecting organs like the ear, nose and head.

Salya Chikitsa: The great Maharishi, Susrutawas the inventor of this branch of Ayurveda. He even wrote a book on surgery titled 'Salya Chikitsa'. This book describes various surgical operations and the devices associated with them.

Visha Chikitsa: This branch deals with thetoxins that enter the body from vegetables, minerals and animal origins. It is equivalent to toxicology in modern medicine. Pollution is said to be the cause of various epidemics.

Rasayana Chikitsa: In addition to do's anddon'ts for better living, this branch of Ayurveda contains various treatments for improving beauty, health and intellectual power. Rasayana Chikitsa is equivalent to rejuvenation therapy in modern medicine.
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